Nocturnal II: Military Edition – Extraordinary Success

The Grace College Student Veteran Organization in partnership with Metzger Outdoors, and the KCV Cycling Club hosted Nocturnal II: Military Edition on October 22nd, 2011.  With over 300 people in attendance this adventure race extravaganza was a huge success with numerous racing participants as well as community support and involvement.

The three races, a 10 Mile Bike Race, 5K Trail Run, and the Ridiculous Race were full of adrenaline, speed, and fun.  Prizes were given for best costume, coolest bike, and 1st place for each race.  The 1st place results are as follows, 10 Mile Bike Race: Matt Light (41:12:90), 5K Trail Run: Female – Megan Metzger (26:15:02), Male – Spencer Rheinhardt (21:56:60), and the Ridiculous Race: George Joachim (34:20:60).  The largest team that participated was “PeddleFish” with 18 people.

Prizes were donated from Relentless Martial Arts Academy, YMCA, Wagon Wheel Theatre, Wal-Mart, Shoe Sensation, Eagle Creek Farms, Signature Portrait Studio, Marsh and more!  Local businesses and families sponsored the event through cash donations; these sponsors included Kohl’s, SYM Financial Advisors, Global Auto, Wildman Business Group, Metzger Trucking, Chore Time/Brock, Crouse Body Shop, the Andy Airgood family, and the Mike Metzger family.  Local businesses also made in-kind gifts, Kohl’s sent four volunteers to help with the event, Lake City Radio and LeSEA Broadcasting promoted the event, Martin’s Supermarket donated reusable shopping bags, and Rabb donated water.  Thanks to all those who sponsored, volunteered, and participated in the event.

On top of the three races, the day included children’s activities, food, and representatives from the Navy, Army National Guard, and the Grace College Admissions Team.  In the back of a Navy SUV an entire gaming system was set up for all to enjoy Madden and Guitar Hero.  A helicopter from Parkview Samaritan Hospital landed on Miller Baseball Field where children and adults were able to explore the helicopter.

Donations from local businesses as well as racer entry fees totaled over $7,000, the money raised goes towards the Grace Military Fund to assist Grace students who are veterans or military dependents in affording their schooling.  On top of this scholarship, the cash proceeds from the day were donated to a local family as an act of kindness.  Following the final race of the night over 120 bikers made their way through Winona Lake following a Winona Lake fire truck and a 2nd Mile Adventures bus to honor this family and give the donation right at their home.  Participants described the night bike parade as the best part of the entire event, extremely fulfilling, and emotional.

Nocturnal II: Military Edition was a tremendous success and Metzger Outdoors is already planning to host an annual race in partnership with the Grace College Student Veteran Organization.  Look for more races in the near future!

For more information on Nocturnal II or other upcoming races, please visit:

For more information on Grace College’s Military program, please visit:


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