FAQ: Non-Accepted (visiting, unclassified) Students Just Want to Take a Class or Two

What if I only want to take one or two seminary classes without going through the whole application process? Can I do this as a visiting online student, or begin taking one or two classes while I make my application?

Students that only desire to begin take a few seminary courses without completing the entire application process may do so simply by completing the unclassified student application. This process allows students to take up to four seminary classes before they apply and are accepted to the program. Unclassified students cannot take part in the GTS scholarship program. The unclassified student process was designed for those students that desired to only take a few seminary courses, or for those that were late in applying to attend the seminary and plan to complete their application later.

Eventually the unclassified student application will be online. Check back for details as this posting will be updated to reflect that change.

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