Former First Lady Laura Bush Presenting at Grace College


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Grace College & Seminary and The Remnant Trust are pleased to welcome former First Lady Laura Bush to the Orthopaedic Capital Center on the Grace College campus this fall. Mrs. Bush will address the public, alumni and students at Grace College on October 6.

Dr. Manahan, president of Grace College & Seminary, expressed his pleasure at bringing Laura Bush to campus. “Our campus is delighted to welcome Former First Lady Laura Bush to our community to talk about ideas important to all Americans,” he said.

Mrs. Bush will present on freedom and literacy, followed by a question and answers session with Grace College & Seminary Chief of Advancement John Boal. Prior to the event, Mrs. Bush will meet with a select group of elementary students.

As a former librarian and teacher, Mrs. Bush has a passion for literacy and children. In September 2011, Mrs. Bush joined with the Library of Congress to launch the First National Book Festival. She now serves as an Honorary Ambassador for the United Nations Literacy Decade. She is an enthusiastic proponent of teacher recruitment programs such as Teach for America, The New Teacher Project and Troops to Teachers.

Local community leaders such as Dane Miller, co-founder and former CEO of Biomet, are eager to hear Mrs. Bush present. “Those of us who live and enjoy the town of Winona Lake are truly excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity to welcome Mrs. Laura Bush to our community and hear her thoughts on freedom and literacy,” he said, adding that the event would not just benefit Grace College, but the entire Midwest region.

The event will take place from 7:15-8:15 p.m. on Thursday, October 6, in the Orthopaedic Capital Center at Grace College. The cost is $25 for priority adult seating, $5 for general adult admission, and $2.50 for students under 17 years old. Tickets must be purchased in advance through the Advancement or Athletic Offices of Grace, or on the web at For more information, please contact John Boal at 866-448-3472.


3 Responses to “Former First Lady Laura Bush Presenting at Grace College”

  1. Eldon Grubb Says:

    Awesome…..!        Is George coming??

  2. Bernice Bradbury Says:

    Fantastic job. I didn’t anticipate this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

  3. AshleaHu Says:

    Bush emphasized the importance of community colleges, “Community Colleges are crucial centers for education for people who have made the determination to improve their lot and their lives.”

    Bush said the flexibility offered at schools like Ivy Tech give people of all different ages, backgrounds, and professions a chance to further their education and better their lives.

    Teaching people new skills can improve the economy, “For the businesses here and in your region, but also around our country,” Bush said.