Adventure Race Raises Money for a Grace Scholarship

On June 4, over 150 participants from several states participated in “Destination: Unknown”, an adventure race that had participants using their brain and brawn (running, navigation, orienteering, water activities and more).

This year, there were two races running simultaneously; one for new racers and families, the other for those up for a challenge. The race started in Winona Lake and went to some unexplored areas.

All of the money raised (over $10,000) went to a Grace scholarship.

5 Responses to “Adventure Race Raises Money for a Grace Scholarship”

  1. Richmond Dentist Says:

    Well I hope there will be more students to be given a scholarship!

  2. Adventure Racing Says:

    This is a good sports and a great idea to help those students for their scholarships. Hope you could help more people. Kodus!

  3. 300 Spartanworkouts Says:

    Wow ! That’s really nice and you really had a great cause of your race. You enjoyed this race and meanwhile you helped. That’s great ! And Congratulations on a job well done !

  4. Ma-an Maroma Says:

    very nice way to promote well-being Martin Smiles

  5. BelvaPis Says:

    I always wonder what the next possible lesson from Grace could be for us all because I have learned so much from her already in these 5 short but LONG years. The notion that “quitting is not an option” has never been so crystallized in my mind. When I’m carrying her and my arms are burning, I cannot put her down. When she’s vomiting her meds and looks exhausted, we have to clean her up and try again. When I don’t want to get out of bed but I can hear her yelling out “mommy” in the early morning, I just get up. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her and in her name.