Benefits of Being a Pastor

I’ve been significantly involved in ministry at my local church since 2002. I’ve been ordained since 2007. Easily the best thing about being a pastor is getting to study and teach the Word of God. It’s an incredible blessing.

There are three other benefits that I’ve specifically been able to experience over the past month or so, even though presently I’m only a volunteer staff member at my local church.

1) I got to baptize my sister Andrea about a month ago during our morning worship service. Now our church allows non-pastoral family members to baptize though some churches only leave that to the pastor. But it was still about the coolest privilege I’ve had in a while just because of what the Lord has done in my sister’s life and the testimony she shared in front of everyone.

2) Last night, our church had a BBQ Pig Roast carry-in. Carry-ins and potlucks are awesome. Sometimes they tempt me to be gluttonous, but the fellowship is always fun and the food is always delicious.

3) I really enjoy weddings and premarital counseling. On Saturday, I officiated the wedding of two people from our College & 20 Somethings group. They both are super-cool people and it was a lot of fun preparing for the big day. I enjoy the counseling part too, where I get the chance to get to know the couple in-depth. Maybe it is because I’ve yet to encounter the problems that often come up, but very few things match the joy of a marriage celebration.

These benefits aren’t only available to ordained pastors, except for the weddings.¬† But they are blessings that come your way more often when you have prepared for ministry in seminary, gone through the ordination process, and given your life to Christian ministry. It doesn’t get better than this.

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