Weber School Class Schedule

The Henry and Frances Weber School at Grace College follows the same academic calendar as Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. Each semester is divided into two 8-week sessions, and during each session students take two classes. The Weber School classes meet on Monday and Wednesday from 9:30a.m.-12:00p.m. and on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30a.m.-12:00p.m.


Fall 2011 Semester

Session A (August 22-October 14)

FYE101 Freshman Foundations
This course is designed to make the time at Grace the best experience possible. The course will help students discover God-given strengths, navigate through current college issues, and help a student better understand what makes a Christian liberal arts education valuable. It will also introduce students to the value of service in the local community and introduce students to prospective departments and faculty within the institution, assisting in the selection process of choosing a major and/or career.

BIB105 Exploring the Bible
A general overview of the Bible which orients the student to the overall presentation of the program of God from the Creation through the Consummation of Christ. Emphasis will be placed on the themes, timeline, structure, and coherence of the entire Biblical revelation.

Session B (October 19-December 15)

ENG110 Effective Writing
The principles involved in writing clear expository, persuasive, and research papers are studied and practiced. In addition, the English language is examined from a linguistic perspective.

PSY120 Essentials of Behavioral Science
This introductory course in Behavioral Sciences provides an opportunity to learn about the major behavioral science theories, concepts and its real life applications. This course will survey topics such as child development, parenting, gender differences, stress, self-care and abnormal behavior. Students will also be encouraged during this course to increase personal awareness of how cognitive and emotional factors influence behavior in a variety of social contexts. Additionally, this course will examine styles of relating as it pertains to employment, dating, marriage and family life.

Spring 2012 Semester

Session A (January 11-March 6)

LAC200 Global Perspectives
Global Perspectives is a team-taught course that seeks to develop a biblical lens for seeing the world in order to live meaningfully and biblically in increasingly multi-cultural societies. Major themes in the course include Christ’s incarnation as a model for crossing cultural boundaries, tools necessary for the cultivation of cultural intelligence, an introduction to the basic beliefs of Islam, and a general awareness of world geography.

Liberal Arts Offering

Session B (March 19-May 15)

COM110 Public Speaking
A study of communication theory as applicable to public speaking. Students explore the components of an effective speech, as well as current applications of speaking skills. Emphasis will be placed on practicing and displaying these skills in a laboratory setting.

Liberal Arts Offering

Summer 2012 Session (Online)

HIS138 Contemporary America and the World
This course is a topical approach to the history of the United States from the Cold War to the present with special emphasis on America’s role in global affairs. Students will not only gain a broad understanding of America’s place in recent world events but also a specialized knowledge of various topics related to issues of culture, politics, and conflict as well as current events and trends. This is the department’s main general education course.

BIB201 Scripture and Interpretation
Foundational principles of elective Bible study will be applied for personal study and small group Bible study leadership. Observational skills of the English text will be developed through hands-on activities and assignments. Hermeneutical principals will be applied to various biblical genres with the goal of equipping the learner to interpret the text based on its historical/cultural and literary context. Application of meaning of the text for spiritual formation will be emphasized as well.


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