technological difficulties :(

Hello family and friends, I thought this uploaded while we were in Venice but as my public speaking professor so wisely taught us, technology hates you. Here it is a bit late..

Today we continued our Italian adventure north into the town of Bologna and onto Lido de Jesolo, which is just outside of Venice, where we are spending the night before heading into the watery city tomorrow. In Bologna we got to visit what has been determined as the oldest university in the world. We also had lunch in Bologna and contrary to the name of the city, it had nothing to do with bologna. The meat we call bologna is not Italian, but is based on a different Italian sausage of sorts that is about as big in diameter as a dinner plate. Some of us looked for familiar food and some of us wandered the many tiny markets of Bologna searching for local treasures and fresh fruits. Nearly all of the streets have covered walking paths that keep you out of the rain, or for us the 90 plus degree heat, and out of the way of the vehicles zipping through roads smaller than some American sidewalks.

For me, this town is the one that has felt the most “Italian” with its medieval infrastructure, proud history, and local merchants of whom very few spoke English. Bologna gave us a very good example of the temperament of the old Italian city states and the way life on the Italian peninsula may have been not so many years ago before Italy became a united country.

Tomorrow we are on to Venice, the last stop on this whirlwind adventure, then back to the states and all of you lovely folks.


In Him, Natalie


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  1. Alex Staff Says:

    What I like most about Italy, aside from its ancient past, is its food. The diversity of spaghetti, pizza and pasta dishes make this country a favorite food destination for meat lovers and even vegetarians.