Sunday was spent shopping with our good friend Yvonne in Ankara. There was a place called Cheap Charlie’s where all of us found good reminders of Turkey. There was then a short, yet extremely bumpy and nerve-wracking, flight from Ankara to Izmir. We were sad to leave Ankara and the friends we made there but excited about the sightseeing and experiences to be had here. Once getting to our hotel we explored the surrounding area in the city, Kusadasi, and enjoyed seeing the spirit of the people. There had been a championship soccer game and the winning team’s fans were out in full force last night with waving flags, wearing jerseys, and honking horns well past midnight.

After a restful night’s sleep, we were ready for some sightseeing. We had the chance to visit St. John’s Basilica. It was amazing to be standing in the spot where John wrote the book of John as well as where he is entombed. The next stop was Ephesus, the city to which Paul wrote the book of Ephesians. The size of the city was impressive as were the ruins that have been preserved. There was then a visit to a traditional silk carpet making school/store. The carpets were extremely beautiful but also extremely expensive. The rest of the afternoon has been spent relaxing around the hotel, including taking advantage of the outdoor pool.

Looking forward to another day of sightseeing tomorrow! Thank you for all your prayers!

For the rest of the team,


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