Hello from Roma!

We have made it safely to beautiful Italia and have just finished a very full day of sight- seeing in Rome. Our tour guide, Enrico, and our bus driver, Tonino, have been taking us along very narrow cobble stone pathways to some of the most famous sights in the world. Today we experience the Colloseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, and several other lovely places.

     Tomorrow we head out to the Vatican bright and early for our reserved tour, then on to visit with some Italian college students for a chance to hear from them about how school works for them. The people here are very friendly, the food is naturally wonderful, and we are just getting started!

To check out a few photos from today’s excursions, visit http://gallery.me.com/galadriel316#100366&bgcolor=black&view=grid

In Him, Natalie

One Response to “Hello from Roma!”

  1. Trish Mathus Says:

    SOOOO excited to hear the stories and see more photos!  Yay!!!!