Turkey Pictures

Rather than post pictures here I have posted them on my facebook…you can view them by clicking on the following link:


Enjoy 🙂

This afternoon we went to the sport club to prepare it for painting as well as did some cleaning.  The people were very nice and we enjoyed spending time with them.  We had a nice Turkish dinner and dessert.  We are getting ready to head out to our host family’s house.  Tomorrow we will spend the day painting at the local sports club and tomorrow night we will catch an overnight bus out to Cappadocia and then will return to Ankara on Saturday night at 12:30pm so I don’t know that we will have much blogging time between now and then.  We are LOVING every moment of our trip here and are learning SO much about the culture and the people here.

Writing For the Team,

In Him,

Kim 🙂

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