Greetings from Turkey!!!!

We’re now into day 4 and we’re still not sure what day it is…The last 3 days have been full of adventures and WALKING….everything you go to in Turkey involves a lot of walking which leads to sore calves.

What we’ve learned since being in Turkey…

1) Islamic people are exactly like Americans. The impression we are given in the states of them is not at all what they are actually like.  We met a man named Achmed when we were in Istanbul and he took us to his store and served us tea and coffee.  Very hospitable! AND we <3 apple tea!

2) Attaturk changed everything…and when I say everything I mean everything! This morning we went to the school where the Farleys (host family) teach and they had an entire play/holiday to celebrate him and what he did.

3) Driving…well there really are no lanes.  They drive where ever they like and however fast they like.  ALSO Pedestrians do not have the right of way.

4) Turkish Men…well…they REALLY like American women!

5) In the same way we have heard terrible things about Muslims, they have learned terrible things about Christians.  They believe we are out to take over the world and Islam.  Because the Turkish believe this, the best way to reach them is by building a relationship with them and show them that we love them, even if they do not become a Christian.

We have seen so many pretty places and had so many laughs.  We have so many stories we could not even begin to write them all down.

We will post pictures soon!

Sending our love back home to the states!

Writing for the team,

Kim 😀

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