Fiji Update: Thursday

So sorry in the delay of posting.  We have been having trouble getting the correct password!  But all is well.  Everyone is safe and here!  So far we have built most of a pig pen and done some gardening.  A few of us have been working in the kindergarten.  The weather is hot but we have been blessed with unusual amounts of wind and breeze.  Our family here at Momi are wonderful and we love getting to know them.

Last night the power went out but we so enjoyed dinner by candle light.  It was a fun experience learning how to adjust.  The spirit of the team is high.  We are all working hard and playing hard.  Please keep us in your prayers.  Health and endurance will be needed.  Tomorrow is our last day working on the pen.

-All for His Glory, Kati

7 Responses to “Fiji Update: Thursday”

  1. Cindy Ladew Says:

    The Ladew family  and Carriage Town Bible Church are praying diligently for you.    

  2. Bob Shriner Says:

    Good to hear from you all.  The Shriners and St. John Church are also praying for you.

  3. Tellezjc Says:

    It is good to hear things are going well for you! We think of you guys often and keep you in our prayers.
    Carlos from Turkey

  4. Pbob007 Says:

        Thanks so much for keeping us updated with fiji information.  thank you for taking the time and making the effort.  I’ve been wondering if the group and my daughter made it.  I pray the people there see Christ in you all.   marcia 

  5. Doug Hock Says:

    Stay hydrated, heat coupled with wind is the quickest way to dry out. What a cool way to look at the power going out, you guys must really have a great group dynamic there. Praying for continued health and a successful ministry to you friends in Fiji! 

  6. Teresa Ousley Says:

    Thank you for the updates and I am so glad you all are having such an amazing time and making such a difference, can’t wait to see more pics, God bless to everyone and prayers continue for safe travels and productive days.

  7. Michelle Perry Hock Says:

    dinner by candlelight in the Fijian jungle…what more could an adventurer like you want???  Awesome!