Turkey…Already been an adventure!

Hey Everyone!

Greetings from Turkey!

Our pilot on the way to Dublin where we would have our connecting flight was quite interesting and the landing was a little rough to say the least.  But we arrived in Turkey at 5:30pm Turkey time which is 10:30 Indiana time only to sit in traffic for 2 hours on the way to our hotel…we’re definitely all feeling a little bit exhausted! Had dinner in the hotel…the boys were adventurous and had different types of Kabobs…we ordered cheeseburgers which ended up being Lamb burgers and very interesting sandwiches with a pink meat which is still to be determined.  Tomorrow we will be visiting the Blue Mosque, The Hagia Sophia, and the Topkapi Palace.  AND we will leave for the overnight train to Ankara at 9 pm tomorrow night. We will post videos and pictures on Wednesday as we will not have internet access tomorrow night.

Writing for the Team,

Kim 😀

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