One more day

Today was the day I had been looking forward to all week. We went to two of the most enchanting places in the world: Bath and Stonehenge. I think group consensus was these two sites were everyone’s favorites. I sat on a bench in the middle of Bath for probably an hour just listening to a local musician play his violin for tips. The music really set the tone of the whole ancient city: it was eerie and intriguing. The Roman baths were reflected so well in the tone of the town. It was pretty amazing to be so close to something that was around 2000 years old! It got even more amazing from there when we went to Stonehenge. The monument itself isn’t as immense as the pictures make it look, but it so mysterious. Definitely a site you need to see in person!

I think by now we are all just very tired! Tomorrow we have a day full of Shakespeare as we visit Stratford on Avon and see his mother’s home. I think we may even get a chance to put on a leather glove and let a falcon land on our arms, which probably sounds more exciting to some than others.


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