Wednesday. Moving Day.

Today we left London and moved to a hotel in Oxford where we will be staying for the rest of the week. We had the opportunity to explore Windsor Castle and part of Oxford University (Christ Church College dining hall and cathedral) and we had a private tour of the home of C.S. Lewis. For dinner we got to eat at The Eagle a Child, a pub where famous authors Lewis and Tolkien, along with a few other cohorts, met to discuss their writings and even penned the Inklings. We have our own tour bus for the remainder of the trip so we don’t have to worry about catching anymore trains! Our driver is nice and has a very thick cockney accent, but I don’t think he likes Americans very much 🙂 The new hotel we are at is so nice, but unfortunately we don’t have free wifi still. Dr. Sauders said to look forward to a nice breakfast in the morning, so we are all very excited to have a nice English breakfast. Yesterday we got the chance to meet Tom Barlow, a missionary in London and also the father of a fellow Grace student. With him we went to the Charles Dickens museum and then some old stables that had been converted into a large market called Camden Market. It was like another world entirely. There were so many different cultures represented! Then we took a spontaneous visit to Kensington Palace and explored the grounds for a little bit (in case you didn’t know, it has the largest park in London!). While we were hanging out with Tom, the Bickels took an adventure of their own. Apparently when Mrs. Bickel’s father was in the Army he was stationed in London and even lived with a family. They were able to track down where he stayed and get a lot of information on the place and it’s history. Needless to say we are all pretty tired after a long couple of days!

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