Cheers! We’ve been having a good week with great weather! It’s been a little chilly during the night, but pretty sunny and beautiful during the day. Tonight we walked across the Thames and looked at the Houses of Parliament all lit up. It was a long day with lots of walking and of course riding the tube, which we are all starting to figure out. Today one of the lines we needed was shut down and it took us a few minutes to figure out how to get back to our hotel, but we figured it out 🙂 Yesterday we saw Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, then we went to the British Museum (which is probably one of the most amazing museums in the world!) and the National Art Gallery (which houses very famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”). Today we toured Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London (which happened to be many people’s favorite).  Then we had dinner in the Picadilly Circus area (by the way, circus just means circle in Latin, so it isn’t actually a circus).

We’ve found that the Brits use a lot of different terms than us, so I’ve decided to include just some of them:

Mind the gap, mind your head, mind the step= watch out for …

Give Way= yield

subway= underground walking tunnels

the tube= underground train

the lift= the elevator

the carriage= the car

Others hope to update soon about their experiences so be looking for that!



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