Better than I Deserve

Today I had an omlet for lunch. It was a leftover omlet and I didn’t eat the entire thing.

It was leftover from a breakfast my wife enjoyed last Saturday at a local restraunt famous for their huge portions of delicious food. Written on the carry-out box was a note from my wife giving me permission to eat the box’s contents for lunch. Even reheated, it was pretty good. Large portions of potato with eggs and cheese mixed in.

Also earlier this weekend, my wife and I separately arrived home from some separate social activities. I got home first and since we only have one garage door opener, I left my car in the driveway and took a seat on the couch watching some of the NCAA basketball games that were on. My wife came home a little later and immediately volunteered to park my car in the garage.

Two random events from my weekend, but both carry along the theme I’ve known for a long time – my wife is too good for me. I must give her props for being so nice and helpful.

If you are intending to go into full-time ministry like I am, it’s critical to have a spouse who is supportive. And these events reminded me again that she will be a fantastic compliment when the Lord leads us into that next phase. I haven’t even mentioned her work as a small group leader with our youth group.

Our marriage is far from perfect and we as individuals are flawed of course too. But I love my wife and feel blessed by God for being married to her.

2 Responses to “Better than I Deserve”

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