Fall 2010 Dean’s List Announced

Grace College has announced the names of students listed in the Fall 2010 Dean’s List. To be eligible for the honor, students must be enrolled full-time and have a grade point average of 3.940 or greater for any given semester and a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or greater.

Students named in the Fall list include the following: Hannah Alcorn of Argos, In., daughter of Jon and Jacki Alcorn; Ashlyn Barnes of Mt. Airy, Md., daughter of John and Robin Barnes; Carmen Barnhill of Mansfield, Oh., daughter of Daniel and Connie Barnhill; Elanah Barrow of Montrose, Co., daughter of Jonathan and Michelle Miles; Erika Boonstra of Hudsonville, Mich., daughter of Wayne and Bertha Boonstra; Joshua Brown of New Paris, In., son of Jim and Anne Brown; Tracie Brumbaugh of Plymouth, In., daughter of Philip and Cathy Brumbaugh; Lauren Canady of Logansport, In., daughter of Jeff and Jennifer Canady; Lauren Cartwright of Homerville, Oh., daughter of James and Diane Cartwright; Ellen Day of Mishawaka, In., daughter of Martin and Jayne Day; Jaime DeWeerd of Hudsonville, Mich., daughter of Doug and MaryJo DeWeerd; Daphne Duncan of Winona Lake, In., daughter of Denny and Glenda Duncan; Abigail Dutcher of Three Rivers, Mich., daughter of Claude and Angela Dutcher; Catherine Faull of Grove City, Pa., daughter of Doug and Jenny Faull; Laurie Fredericks of Warsaw, In., daughter of Richard and Jeannine Boyer; Corinne Gates of Knox, In., daughter of Lauralee Cashman; Grace Gerber of Bluffton, In., daughter of Doug and Ruby Gerber; Rebecca Grube of Myersdale, Pa., daughter of Dennis and Kathy Grube; Casey Hueni of Bremen, In., daughter of Charlie and Karen Hueni; Abraham Kane of Jackson, Mich., son of John and Sandia Kane; Amanda Knight of Osceola, In., daughter of David and Susan Knight; Holly Kolberg of Syracuse, In., daughter of Doyle and Cynthia Kolberg; Melissa Kreis of Dalton, Oh., daughter of Jeff and Vonda Kreis; Michael LaGioia of Lincolnshire, Il., son of Rock and Kathy LaGioia; Hannah Lengel of Wabash, In., daughter of Dewayne and Julie Lengel; Ashly Lewis of Logansport, In., daughter of Jerry Lewis and Toby Klouse; Matt Metzger of Warsaw, In., son of Mike and Kathy Metzger; Jonathan McDillon of Highland, In., son of William and Debra McDillon; Sarah Olson of Racine, Wi., daughter of Raymond and Elizabeth Olson; Kory Pruner of Ashland, Oh., son of Keith and Karen Pruner; Thomas Reed of Eau Claire, Mich., son of Kevin and Kathy Reed; Brady Rhodes of Sherwood, Oh., son of Mark and Debra Rhodes; Michelle Ritschard of Mishawaka, In., daughter of Dave and Roberta Ritschard; Margaret Rose of Bottineau, ND., daughter of Jay and Elizabeth Rose; Zoe Rozsa of Chelsea, Mich., daughter of Frank and Szonja Rozsa; Amy Simmons of Marion, Oh., daughter of Harry and Sheryl Simmons; Caitlin Steiner of Wooster, Oh., daughter of Charles and Melissa Steiner; Renee Stouder of Warsaw, In.; Jason Stover of Syracuse, In.; Valerie Swart of Elkhart, In., daughter of John and Teresa Swart; Jessica Taylor of Elk Grove, Il., daughter of Keith and Carol Taylor; Hillary Umbaugh of Winona Lake, In., daughter of Randy and Kim Umbaugh; Sarah Waldvogel of Toledo, Oh., daughter of Joe and Lynda Waldvogel; Rachel Warrington of Lima, Oh., daughter of Dick and  Jan Warrington and Kathy and Doug Reed; and Jessica Zeiger of Three Oaks, Mi., daughter of Richard and Shelley Zeiger.

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