Ministry’s Realities

Yesterday in chapel, Winona Lake’s very own Indiana Jones spoke. Dr. John Davis is a renowned Old Testament scholar as a former faculty member and President of Grace College and Seminary. He has taken dozens of trips to the Middle East for Archeological digs, writes a weekly Outdoor Wildlife article for our local paper, and has even recorded guitar and banjo music.

I had the privilege of taking an OT Foundations class in college with Dr. Davis and found it to be incredible interesting as he helped us discover the rich history of the culture and period of the Old Testament. But yesterday he spoke from the New Testament, specifically 2 Timothy 4:9-18.

Let me share with you his main points as he spoke on ‘The Realities of Ministry”:

– There are Disappointments in Ministry (4:9-12)
– There are Discomforts in Ministry (4:13)
– There are Detractors in Ministry (4:14-15)
– There is Deliverance in Ministry (4:16-18)

I could not adequately share all of his thoughts and points concerning that outline, but let me just encourage you to look those verses up for yourself and see how that is fleshed out in Scripture.

At Grace, we are all about training people for ministry, and we would fail to effectively prepare people if we didn’t recognize the ‘dark side’ of ministry. But praise God that there is deliverance and He will help us!

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