Grace College Joins Tuition Rewards Enrollment Consortium

Tuition Rewards now serves 273 independent colleges, offering its 192,000 participating students a choice of participating four-year colleges in 43 states. 29,692 new students joined in 2010. The consortium has attracted 75 new colleges since March 2008

Tuition Rewards resembles a frequent flyer mileage program. Registered families earn Tuition Reward Points by saving with a variety of financial partners, including the Pennsylvania & Wisconsin state 529 college savings programs, The College Tuition Benefit, banks, credit unions and national marketing organizations.

When registered students attend a participating private college, the family’s accumulated Tuition Reward Points are redeemed as a scholarship – a non-need based grant or discount – capped at one full year’s tuition spread evenly over four years (or as negotiated). Participating colleges benefit by the ability to market to the 192,000 participating students once they reach 9th grade. Member colleges find the student demographics to be attractive – from families actually saving for college who have indicated interest in attending a private college.

“There’s no downside for a college to join. It doesn’t cost a college anything, and most will gain additional, well-qualified students,” declared Dr. James B. Johnston, CEO of SAGE Scholars. “By providing both financial incentives and unbiased information to families, in a collective fashion, we can encourage them to sensibly plan and invest for their children’s, or grandchildren’s future.”

The SAGE message to participating families is that a private college may be considerably more affordable than most people believe — and not only because of generous financial aid packages available. The greater likelihood of graduating in four years at a private college — versus remaining on the “bank of mom & dad” during a fifth or sixth year of college at a state institution – is unknown to many families. Research conducted at UCLA has shown that the graduation rate from four-year private universities is 67% — versus 28% from four-year public universities.

“In many cases, the four-year graduation rate at a private institution is very similar to the six-year graduation rate at a comparable public institution that a student may be considering,” Dr. Johnston noted.

Grace College (Winona Lake, IN). An evangelical Christian community of higher education, Grace applies biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence and preparing for service. Grace offers academically-aggressive students who have regular admission status an accelerated 3-year degree option that can reduce the cost of a college education by 50% and place them in careers sooner. Students may choose to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in three years, a Master’s in four or a Bachelor’s in four. Grace’s new curricular model includes internships, study abroad, student teaching, research fellowships and student leadership positions , helping the 1,500 undergraduates engage more deeply and actively in their education.

About SAGE Scholars:
Founded in 1995, SAGE Scholars promotes private higher education and its member colleges to the 190,000 enrolled students and their families via its website, email and a weekly e-newsletter. Member colleges may contact students once they reach 9th grade at no charge. Tuition Rewards is the nation’s largest private college savings program based on participating students and value of eligible assets. For more information, contact Dr. James B. Johnston, 215-564-9930. For a full list of participating colleges, visit Tuition Rewards.

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