Grace Seminary’s Sabbath

In the next 15 minutes, I am going to walk in the freezing cold from my office in Mount Memorial to Ashman Chapel in McClain Hall. I will spend about an hour there, and it will be one of the best hours of my week.

Tuesdays from 10-10:50 every week during the semester, our Seminary and Graduate students meet for chapel. I don’t have to go, but it’s nice to stay connected to the student body and faculty. But more than that, I find chapel to be extremely valuable for my own spiritual life. It always seems to be the perfect break from my busy week in the office. It’s a time of refreshment, reflection, and worship. The speakers rarely fail to bring encouraging challenges from God’s Word. And our students do a solid job of leading worship too.

If one thing defines our seminary, it is that we stress heart knowledge and not just head knowledge. Our faculty and administration are more passionate about spiritual growth than they are about grades. And chapel is one key way our school puts that passion into practice. It’s a great weekly sabbath break for students and staff alike.

2 Responses to “Grace Seminary’s Sabbath”

  1. Berean :) Says:

    What day are you referring to as ‘a Sabbath’?  Do you believe in “the [lunar] Sabbath” of fourth Commandment?

  2. Being :) Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to clarify my question.

    An excellent site for studying the Lunar Sabbath of Scripture: 🙂