Germany (a wrap-up)

The entire Germany team would like to thank you for following us in our adventure to Europe. We can’t even begin to express how much your prayers have meant to us. We know that God has done amazing things in us, and right now we struggle for words to adequately express all we thought before and all that we know know about ourselves, God, and this wonderful people group called Germans. We are back in the states now, but Germany is still a part of who we are, a part of who we always will be.

We visted a historic town, toured a castle, and stood in awe inside a beautiful church. But the things that made the trip beautiful were the wonderful truths that I was reminded of, and the beautiful people that cared for me, and showed me the grace of God.

I’ll be honest. I really wish I was back in Germany right now. I love the US, but miss the Pappas family and our Young Adult friends from the church more than I can say. I am looking forward to this semester for the fact that I know God has a plan,  but I am waiting for my heart to catch up with where I am. I really want to return to German and work with the church there. I keep praying that God will clarify and teach me what He is wanting me to do in regard to missions. Please pray for all of us as we continue to understand what God is wanting to do with this new knowledge we have about ourselves and the world around us.

We have learned so much about who God is and what it means to be apart of the Body of Christ. The Church around the world is amazing. I love that we have Christ in common. Pray also for the opportunities that have opened up because of our conversations in the schools. Pray that the students would be curious about Christ and want to know who He really is. Pray that the youth in the Church would be strengthened as they are bold for Christ, and would be given the words to say as they tell their friends about this God who has saved them.

Leaving Germany was very difficult for me, and I really miss the people there. But I know that God is working in us in this country as well as in the one we just left. He has an adventrure for us here as well.

Pray for us in the transition, and for the church in Aalen Germany. Pray for the Pappas family that they would be strengthened and given grace as they continue to minister to these people.

-Katelyn Mithoefer

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