A week ago…Germany Tuesday


One week ago today we started speaking English in the German schools. It is amazing that we have had so many experiences and learned so much in the time we have been here.  There are so many little things that make up the culture that we have been participating in. We wonder how we are going to communicate all of our discoveries and understanding to the people we love at home. What will it be like to integrate back into American society as Americans who have been living in Germany? Time will tell!

Today we went to the Realshule (school) in the morning and all of us ended up classroom. After the class we went on our “official” tour of Aalen with John Pappas as our tour guide. He showed us around the little town and told us about how the town was originally a Roman Outpost in ancient history. He also included some town legends which were very interesting as well.

After this, Felcia, Regina, and Janell went with John to the Hauptschule (the lowest type of school in this society for those who do not learn as well as others -there is a great stigma if you attend this school instead of the Realschule or the Gymnasium schools). But on the way we stopped at a bakery that a girl who lives with Brittany, Felicia, and Janell’s family works at. We had different kinds of pastery and one that had marzipan (delicious!) and hot chocolate/coffee. Hiking up the hill, we went up to the school. The class was AMAZING! It was probably one of the best so far. They asked tons of questions and always had their hands in the air to ask more questions. After the class the principal wanted to sit down and talk with us for a bit. We shared some conversation, and he fed us coffee and Bretzels (big soft pretzels that are made specifically in this region of Germany).

Meanwhile, Nate, Kip, Janell, and Brittany all went back to the church/ or shop and got pastry also. When we all met back up at the church later, we ate lunch (Maltashen -AMAZING FOOD, kind of like ravioli only not) Cleaned up the dishes, and then headed out for our next adventure….

Gummy Bear Land.

Yes. It does exist. It is a large store filled with gummy candy. Oh yes, it was great. Never had I seen so many different kinds of gummy bears in one place in my life. We had been looking forward to visiting this store, and enjoyed ourselves.

Then we drove to this church that used to be an Abbey…I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name right now. It had beautiful frescos and it was overwhelmingly beautiful. The outside of the buildings were great as well, and we got some great pictures. As, we left, the sun was setting. It was gorgeous.

We got back to the church, and some took naps while others headed into town. An hour later, John, Becky, and all of our group were headed to a woman’s house. She is from the church and has 5 daughters that she has raised by herself. Their family has had a lot of struggles, but they are the sweetest people. Three of the girls are triplets! They had prepared a great dinner for us, and showed us around their beautiful home.

Tomorrow is our last day in the schools  🙁 We are already missing parts of Germany, but are determined to make the most of the couple of days we have left.

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