Campus Environment Influences Faith

Choosing a college or university is one of the defining decisions in the life of a Christian Student. Every college campus community reflects unique characteristics that impact faith, character, moral choices, and the truth and authority of Scripture.

The Grace College community is for the evangelical Christian student for whom faith and spiritual maturity is a priority. This is why Grace is one of the few Christian colleges that requires a faith statement and spiritual life reference as a normal part of the application process.

By affirming both the truth and authority of Scripture and the infinite grace of God, Grace College is dedicated to helping students find a deep and mature Christian faith.

Chuck Edwards, internationally known author and speaker and the Director of Bible Study Curriculum for Summit Ministries, discusses the impact a college campus community can have on the student’s spiritual life in his article, “Why students walk away from Christ, and what can be done about it!”

Click here to read his important commentary.

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