A Day To Be Thankful

Blog for Day Two

Today was a full day! We saw Tel Dan, Caserara Phillipi, Capernum, and also took a boat ride on the sea of Galilee. It’s almost too much to process all at once. Many of us have been videotaping and writing down the things that we are seeing and learning. I’m pretty sure Dr. Harmon had over 10 hours already 🙂 Its been amazing yet challenging to realize that these are the places that Christ walked. Challenging because it’s hard to see an ancient world in modern surroundings. Yet amazing because once you can get past the visual hindrances you can begin to feel yourself transported back in time. 
Today at Tel Dan we saw two different city gates. One looked exactly like something out of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Incredible to think that something so intricate and old has been preserved over the ages. The other city gate looked just like what I imagined. I could feel the brush of ancient merchants clothes, the smell of horses and donkeys, and the shouts of trades and barters. It was so intact, I for the first time without using my imagination felt like I was in the first century. 
When we were at Tel Dan, Dan McNamera (how fitting!) lead us in devotions. The heart of his message was gratefulness. Thankfulness to what Christ has done for us, what the Father has given to us. How often we forget this simple thought. We are so selfish and self-centered, that we have learned to take everything for granted. We forget to count our blessings and take into account all that has been given us. Being in Israel has reminded me how little I thank God or even think about what I have been given from above. So here’s my challenge to myself and to you, think about what God has bestowed you and thank Him whole heartily. Not just today & not just tomorrow but for the rest of our lives. Shalom!

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