Day 3 in Israel: Peter’s House and More

Greetings from Israel!!

Today starts our fourth day from departure and third day in Israel. Yesterday we had the privilege of touring Caesarea Maritima, Herod’s palace by the sea. We toured a theater where Cornelius had no doubt be present at some time as a Roman soldier and a likely place for the Apostle Paul’s preaching. We then checked out the port that Herod built, which at the time was state of the art, saw a hippodrome (horse-racing track and place for gladiator fighting), and saw the place where Paul likely defended himself to Agrippa. There was also a stone tablet that mentioned Pontius Pilate as the prefect of Judea during the time of Tiberius, emperor of Rome. It signifies, for all, that Pontius Pilate was historically real and provides further evidence of the accuracy of the Gospel accounts of Jesus.

Next, we traveled to Har Meggido (“Armageddon”), the mountain where nearly 20-30 civilizations have lived, fought, and died, being built atop of one another. We also saw the Jezreel Valley where the world’s armies will assemble to fight the Lamb of God in the final days, until they are slain by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who puts all enemies under His feet. We also toured a cave pathway to a water spring outside the city, one deeply worked into the ground and chiseled by hand. It provided the water source for Meggido and was fortified in case of war. Finally, we traveled to the Sea of Galilee to observe a first century fisherman’s boat discovered only a few short years ago.  A good portion of the boat was preserved for all to see. No one knows for sure who the boat belonged to, but it’s possible that it belonged to Jesus and His disciples, to fisherman of the time, or to soldiers.

Today, we’ll be visiting Dan, where idol worship was prominent, Chorazin, the city where Jesus pronounced judgment due to its hardness of heart, and Caesarea Phillipi where Peter first confessed that Jesus was the Christ.  In Capernaum, we’ll see Peter’s house where Jesus’ ministry was most likely “headquartered,” and the potential place of the healing that took place through digging through a rooftop and lowering the lame down to Jesus. Peter’s house was overlaid with a church, as were many historical holy sites. Much of Jesus ministry took place in the city of Capernaum.

Thanks for journeying with us via blog and we appreciate your prayers. The Lord has been very gracious and we look forward to His continued provision. May we all grow in our love for Christ as a result of our experience in the place of His life and ministry. Shalom (“peace”)…

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