We made it! Yay!

After a long long day of traveling we finally made it to the Holy Land. It’s been so amazing just to be here the past few hours knowing that this is where our Lord and Savior walked years ago. We were able to meet our guide a lovely messanic Jew lady who had us laughing the whole time in the bus on the way to our hotel. We must have been quite a sight, 41 frumpy looking Americans 🙂 but we got settled in and all ate dinner together! What a great experience to taste and see and feel a new and different cuisine. It was wonderful and we all enjoyed it greatly! There is a storm outside raging on the mediterranean sea as I write this and all I can think about whenever the lightening strikes is the time that there was a storm on the sea of galilee and the disciplines woke up Jesus is sheer terror. And he said to them and to us in Matthew 8:26 ‘why are you afraid, ye of little faith?’ What a great reminder. Why are we afraid? God is in control of everything. We need to leave our worries and burdens in His more than capable hands. So that’s my challenge to myself and you, that we begin to build our trust slowly yet surely in the almighty father. There will always be storms in life, why not be sheltered by the best protection available? Shalom!

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