12 Days Until Germany!

As we get closer to our departure date on January 10th, the GoGrace Germany team is preparing our hearts and minds to interact with a wonderful culture and people. Here are some ways that you can be praying for us as we get ready to go!

Day 1) Pray that we would be able to long-suffering with one another through the long hours of flights and layovers. Traveling can be waring on anyone, and we want God’s glory to be seen throughout the entire trip.

Day 2) Pray that our hearts would be prepared to love and learn from the German people.

Day 3) Pray that we would be an encouragement to the church in Aalen Germany, and to the Pappas family. We will be interacting with the church and probably the teen and young adult groups there as well.

Day 4) Pray that we would know how we can best serve the host families we are staying with.

Day 5) Pray for Kip Cone, the leader of our trip, that he might have wisdom and continue to lead us well.

Day 6) Pray for the teens who are in the public schools that we will be working with in their classrooms. We will speaking English to them. Pray for their salvation!

Day 7) Pray for clarity and wisdom as we give our testimonies and explain why Jesus has made all the difference for us. Pray that we would be a light in the darkness, and would be protected from Spiritual attack.

Day 8) Pray that God would give our families peace while we are gone overseas.

Day 9) Pray that our hearts would be turned from ourselves, and moved to listen closely to the heart of God in each word that we say, and in each action we do.

Day 10) Pray that we would be bold in our proclamation of Christ, and would not rely on our own strength, but fully on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Day 11) Pray that we would be focused on the truth of Scripture as we filter what we are seeing and experiencing, instead of filtering it through our “Christian culture” perspective…the “Christian Life” is more important.

Day 12) Pray that we would not become sick throughtout the trip. Traveling can cause illness (as it has in past years) and illness makes ministry more difficult.

Thank you for your prayers! We are so thankful for your support and encouragement as we see a piece of what God is doing in the Church in Europe!

~Katelyn Mithoefer

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