Dear Bethel, A Poem of Thanks

By Stephen Copeland, Sounding Board Staff Writer

Dear Bethel,
To you, I say thank you
for the lessons you’ve taught.
Though Grace gave me knowledge,
it was my heart you sought.
To you, I say thank you
for humiliation
Whether your eight straight wins,
or your rude invasion
when you flooded our floor
back in 2007
chanting ‘This is our house’
in arrogant fashion.
Or the conference title
game just two months after—
Lost by 27—
We heard Lightfoot’s laughter.
To you, I say thank you
for heartbreak and despair,
Last winter at Bethel—
Tyler Brown’s buzzer-beater,
Or November of ’08
when we lost in OT,
or their Christian College
Title (2006) that started their streak.

To you, oh blasted school
that gloats your tradition
I say thank you, Bethel,
for teaching me patience.
Four treacherous long years
and eight heart-aching games,
all the while knowing one
win would heal all the pain…
So on December first,
we rolled out of our beds.
Grace took the floor that night
and busted Bethel’s heads,
thus marking a new era
in case you’re unsure.
Take advice from your slogan,
Bethel: ‘Fear the future.’
So thanks for the hard lessons,
but those days won’t be missed.
Most of all, Bethel, thanks
for some senior year bliss.
Though trials may challenge
our inner strength and faith,
droughts can’t last forever.
Joy, soon, comes to replace.

This article was published in the December 3 Edition of Grace’s student newspaper, The Sounding Board.

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