…A Month Goes By (or, “Katiekelley Finally Decides to Blog, Part 2″)

      It’s not for lack of things to blog about, really. Last time I blogged, I said I was hoping Eric and I got into the variety show for homecoming. Well, we did. I’m really technologically inept so I tried for like five minutes just now to post a picture but I couldn’t figure out how. 🙁 As it is, it took a good ten minutes for me to figure out how to log in to the Grace Experience Blog because the website is newly (and beautifully) formatted. Anyway, Eric and I sang some High School Musical for the homecoming variety show. It went well. I think my favorite part of that whole situation was that he let us pick out a sweater for him to wear – a nice argyle one that matched my dress.

         It’s almost Thanksgiving break. I’m extremely glad about this, but mostly because that means it’s almost time for Christmas. I am going home to Alaska for Christmas and I’m going to go sledding and skiing and drink coffee and sleep in my own bed. Yessss. November, for some reason, is always the worst time of the year for homesickness. I’m feelin’ it. But anyway, for Thanksgiving I get to go to my friend Andy’s house. I’m really excited!! He graduated last year and I’ve missed him a lot, so it’ll be nice to hang out with him and his family. I’m hoping they let me cook something. 🙂

     Classes are going well. It’s almost the end so I’ve finished most of the big projects/presentations/papers for my classes. A few remain, but I’ll get them done. That just leaves finals…so that’s good. Oh we had this SICK band in chapel last week. They’re called Sons of Korah, and they’re from Australia. They basically just put music to the Psalms and they’re unbelievably talented. You should check them out.

     So that’s pretty much my Grace Experience right now. Studying. Lots of studying, especially for Hebrew. Singing. Trying not to get sick ’cause everybody is. OHHH!! One more thing! Okay, so I’m working on working out. I’m chunky and I don’t particularly enjoy exercising. But I know that I should, because it honors God, so I’ve been going to the Rec center. Yesterday, I had an encounter with a treadmill. I’m trying to overcome my dislike (you could even call it “fear”) of them. So yesterday I treaded (trod?) for five minutes. Yeah. Five. I know. But still. It was an accomplishment. Never fear, I did more cardio than five minutes of extremely slow trodding (trotting? Actually, more like “plodding”.) I’ll have to keep you posted on my progressive treadmill usage. It’s a small part of my Grace Experience, but it’s an experience nonetheless. Happy trails! :)\

-KatieKelley 🙂

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