New leadership for Remnant drama club

by Ashley Brewster

Take the love of theater, add it to a great ministry opportunity, throw in the chance to travel to places like Florida and Hawaii, and you have Remnant, Grace’s ministry drama team.

Remnant has been a part of Grace for over 20 years, and is still taking the truths of the Bible to schools, churches, and even occasionally Grace chapel and relating them to audiences the same way Jesus did–via story.

The group is made up of eight members–ideally four boys and four girls–and performs prop-less skits that explore themes like gossip or revamp parables. They use outside sources or write the skits themselves.

“Our purpose is to spread God’s word through acting,” says Jillian Clark, one of Remnant’s leaders.

Clark, a communications major and a junior, is in her third year as a part of Remnant. She leads with Ian Christensen, who is a senior and a psychology major. This is their first time leading Remnant after a shift in the group’s authority when last year’s leaders resigned.

“When I learned that we wouldn’t have our leaders, I just sort of stepped up,” explains Clark. “I brought Ian along with me.”

Practice for Remnant takes place typically once a week in the Little Theater in Philathea, though they don’t actually begin performing until the second semester of the year. The group usually travels on Sundays, unless it is the spring break trip, which according to Clark is a big deal. Last year she was able to throw a last-minute trip to Indianapolis together.

This year they are exploring the possibility of an East Coast trip over spring break–or one to Hawaii, where Clark was surprised to learn they have several connections through several of the group’s members.

“We travel based on our connections, which are mainly through Grace Brethren churches,” explains Clark.

Auditions are held for Remnant at the beginning of the year, and according to Jillian, around 30 people try out.

“Remnant is a great ministry opportunity,” says Clark when asked why students should consider getting involved. “I feel like I’ve really grown. It also gives me the chance to do theater, which I love. The group also has great chemistry. We have a lot of fun.”

Clark says she sees Remnant as a group of ambassadors with a two-fold mission.

“When we go to these places, we’re representing God, but we’re also showing them what Grace is all about.”

Clark says that Remnant is entering this new year with a definite purpose in mind.

“Our mission statement this year is ‘Unscripted’,” says Clark. “It sort of ties in with Grace’s theme this year, ‘Authored.’ We want to make our skits more than words on a page. We want to make them real and honest.”

Clark says the group makes a point to avoid “softer” subjects.

“No fluffy Christian skits,” she says. “We want to challenge people and make them think.”

This article originally appeared in The Sounding Board.

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