All I Really Need To Know…

Oh hey… I’m back. “No! Not this guy again!” You might be thinking.  I challenge you to be nice for once and give me a shot. Sheesh.

So, since it honestly only feels like yesterday that I wrote to you all, I don’t have much to say.  I will do my best though to briefly entertain.  Here’s what I’ve been learning this week: All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.  And more than that just being the script that I’m memorizing for the fall play (you faithful readers already knew this), it’s been a journey of ideology that has caused me to question my current way of life.  Now, those of you who know anything about my past (it’s short and kind of boring, so you don’t have to ask), know that I was in this show already in high school.  What it did for me then was not nearly what it has the potential to do for me now.

Then, I was only 17.  What did I know about life?  Now, I’m 21.  I know all there is to know. *cough*  Yeah… I am obviously being sarcastic.  What I do know now though, is that we often forget to look at things through the eyes of children.  Why do I need to be 17 or 21 or even 53 to know as much as I can know about the world?  I am realizing that all I have ever needed my whole life long was taught to me at a very young age.  Why do we, as adults, forget to do the things that really matter, like sharing, caring for one another, believing in ourselves, playing, working and resting in balanced manners?  Why do we forget to just stop and look?  How much easier would our lives be if we stopped and looked at situations before we opened our mouths or took unnecessary action?  Think about it.  Matthew 18:3 says, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Now, I try to shy away from taking the Bible into texts that it doesn’t belong in, but doesn’t it just make sense?  Jesus was talking about dropping all of our adult “wisdom” and becoming filled with childlike faith. A level of abandonment of ourselves that is required to have full reliance on God.

I want to have that childlike approach to life.  I want to get back to the basics.  Try it.  Live, laugh, love and look. See where it gets you.

-Ian Christensen

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