S’il vous plaît

Bonjour de Paris! I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but no news is good news right? So this will be short (yay because you probably don’t have a lot of time!)  Not a whole lot has been happening in my life.  My roommates and I have found a church here that we absolutely love.  The people have welcomed us into their lives and it has just been great to get to know everybody!  The paster is 100% French and he married a woman from Kentucky (who has the best southern accent when she speaks French, it’s awesome!)

On to the title of this blog.  As many of you know, s’il vous plaît means please in English.  However, if you translate the phrase it literally means “If it pleases you”  This thought hit me like a rock.  One could say “If it pleases you, could you hand me that book”  Keep following me on this.  When we ask God for something, our attitude should be of that. “Lord, if it pleases you, could you (insert whatever you’re asking for)”  Saying please in English to me feels like saying “this is what I *emphasizes on the I* really want, can I have it??”  But instead our attitude should be “Lord whatever pleases you is ultimately what I desire.”  Hm….just think about it! This concept just came to me today.  Thank you French language!  C’est tout!  (That’s all!)


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