KatieKelley Finally Decides to Blog :)

       So I’ve been meaning to blog for a month or so now…and here it is. 🙂 It’s a lovely day here at Grace College – we had perfect weather for our Lancer Day visitors and as soon as all official Lancer Day activities ended, the sky began to darken and it’s now raining. This makes me really excited because I have a bright yellow raincoat I wear when it rains…mostly so I can be spotted from space. Not really.

      Before I continue, I should probably introduce myself. My name is KatieKelley – Katie is my first name, Kelley is my last name, but because it is an irresistible alliteration, people say the names together like they’re one word. I’ve since begun writing it that way. Here at Grace, most people know me as “The Girl from Alaska”. It’s true – I was born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. I’m a Biblical Studies major, I love coffee, and winter is my favorite season.

        Of all the things happening at Grace right now, I’m going to tell you about a few that particularly excite me. The first is School of Ministry Studies week in chapel. I absolutely love my major, and a huge reason for that is that our professors in the School of Ministry Studies are outstanding. They really exemplify what they teach – they’re passionate about the Gospel, about grace (and Grace!), and about Christ and it shows in the way they teach and interact with their students. So three of our Ministry Studies faculty – Dr. Tiberius Rata, Dr. Jeff Gill, and Dr. Matt Harmon, are speaking in chapel this week. Each was asked to choose a biblical character and speak on him or her. On Tuesday, Dr. Rata spoke about Elijah and talked about how it’s okay to be “in a cave” as long as we look to Christ during that experience. Today, Dr. Gill spoke about Jesus healing the leper and talked about the importance of confessing sin and being completely obedient to Christ. I look forward to hearing what Dr. Harmon has to say about Paul tomorrow. You can find these messages and others from Grace College chapel on the chapel website.

        One other exciting thing going on at Grace right now is the preparations for Homecoming Week! All throughout that week, we have different activities planned each night by the Student Activities Board and at the end of the week are the homecoming games and the banquet, dessert and variety show. Auditions for the variety show are coming up next week and my friend Eric and I are hoping to get in! Other than that, classes are going well and I’m loving having a bunch of new faces on campus. 🙂 Now it’s just a matter of getting homework done when all of this fun stuff is going on…

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