Today a prospective student visited. In many ways, he is typical.

Well, his age isn’t necessarily typical and he’s not looking to pursue the most common or popular degree. But the rest of his story is like so many of the students I have the privilege of interacting with. His is a story of open doors. After a long and successful career in the business world, he’s sensed the Lord leading him to something greater.

And as he’s submitted to the Lord in faith, doors have opened. The doors haven’t revealed everything all at once, but they have revealed the next step. And this individual has confidently stepped through each door and has gained further insight into what God desires him to do.

I love seeing God work, and I get to see this all the time. What a Savior and what a Faithful God!

One Response to “Confirmation”

  1. Gifts Says:

    I hope you will have a lot of students like this one, this is God’s work.