Hope, Chapel, and Being Centered

Well, the past two weeks have seemed to be a whirlwind to me. After the tragedy two weeks ago, the campus is still bouncing back. Praise God for His sovereignty and peace. He is just so good.

This past week in chapel has been amazing. I have seen God work so much on our campus, and the topics that were addressed and discussed were both very close to my heart. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had two speakers come in and talk about the topic of homosexuality. This topic is something that I know quite well. I have at least 5 homosexual friends back home, and 2 of which I am extremely close with. It always breaks my heart when my friends tell me that they are turned off from the church because of their unwillingness to love and support the gay community. I am so proud of Grace College for bring in speakers who have actually gone through the battle of homosexuality themselves, and have come to know Christ through it. I think it was so beneficial for the campus to have an opportunity to learn about the topic, and I am hopefully that everyone left those chapel days with a better understanding on how we can be Jesus and love others- even if they’re different.

Chapel today was something that God has been laying on my heart lately. We had a speaker from the non-profit organization, Broken Voices. Andrew talked today about finding our center. I know that sounds kind of like a term a yoga instructor would use, but what he had to say made total sense. He talked about how we find certain things to invest our lives in. These things may be the sports we play, the person we date, the place we live, our future career, among other things. We hold all of these things in the center of our life, and when they fail (which they will) our life crumbles. We are hurt and depressed, we are lost. Then we go to someone or something else. We keep trying to find our fulfillment and center through things that are not centered. It’s a vicious cycle, and I have definitely been guilty of it.

So here it is. We’re all looking for things to center our lives upon. The only constant center is Christ. He is the only real center. I want that. Desperately. I want my life to be soley centered on my Savior. When I have that center, I can help others find it. I can be, like Andrew said, a “center-er”. I’m making this my goal for this year. For today. For this week. For this month. I want to become a center-er. That starts with God becoming my center. I’m ready.

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