The Kea, a mischievous, mountain-dwelling parrot who eats windscreen-wipers!

“Kia Ora!” or “hello” from New Zealand!  It’s Karl again, and after the craziness of the earthquake, last weekend’s high-ropes course and concert, study is finally getting back to normal.  Or, as normal as it can on the other side of the world…  =)  I have found it intriguing that so many things in this country are opposite of Indiana and North America.  For instance, the water really DOES go down the drain backwards in the Southern Hemisphere!  Just ask a physics professor if you want proof.  Most people know that Kiwi’s drive on the opposite side of the road, but few realize that means looking right THEN left before crossing the street.  I almost learned the hard way…  Even drive-thru’s are backwards, because the driver is on the opposite side of the car!!  It’s also so strange to think that I wrote this 14 hours in the future of you reading it! Oh, and how could I forget that it is nearly spring here, and quickly approaching autumn at Grace.  Fortunately, there are some things that never change: like McDonald’s.  Just kidding!  It’s not as greasy as in the states!  But seriously, it is comforting to know that snowboarding is a popular sport here, Lord of the Rings was written by Tolkien, and the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  Unfortunately, in a country where a quarter of the population (1m) do not claim a religion and nearly 54 thousand consider themselves Jedi’s, the spiritual state of that nation is a bit shaky.  But what’s more is that Jesus doesn’t change if you change location.  Last weekend I met some dudes at the concert who invited me to their church, and they believe the same salvation message I do.  We may not see eye to eye on doctrine, but their presence and friendship is still encouraging.  And last night, I had a pretty intense conversation about the meaning of life and religion with my flatmates; it was interesting to say the least.  But to God be the glory!

Karl Johnson, Christchurch N.Z.

Listening to: Catch For Us The Foxes by mewithoutYou

Just watched: Boy (a Kiwi film!) and The Expendables

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