Searching for the Good


In all things, we are told to find the good and to praise God. Usually, this is pretty easy. In times of tragedy, it’s not so easy. Right now is obviously a tough time to find the good. Like many people, I tend to be more on my own in the good times, but rely on God when the going gets tough. I am finding myself desperately seeking God in this awful situation.

Just one problem: I haven’t found the good yet. I don’t even know where to look. I am struggling to find a reason for every aspect of the situation. From a Christian perspective, how can this happen to two good people? Being good friends with Jeremy, I am struggling to understand why such a good person has to endure something like this. From a logical perspective, how does it even happen? Right now I have infinitely more questions then I do answers. This bothers me. I don’t like not knowing things. Yet I serve a God who doesn’t always give me the answers I cry out for.

Sometimes in life there are things that we will never know, and that is simply the way God wants it to be. I have to understand that whether I know or understand anything, God knows and understands all. He is the only one who needs all of the information. I’m not in charge of the universe, I didn’t create, well, creation. I am not entitled to anything. I am beginning to gain an understanding of this concept. Yet practically, I am struggling to follow it. I am searching for the good still. I honestly don’t know if I will find the good, but I have faith that there is good and whether or not I know it, my God does.

-Aaron Pierce

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