Paris, je t’aime…most of the time!

My and my French friends at McDonalds!! It was not my idea, it was theirs just to clarify!

Hello world wide web of Grace-ies!  My name is Jamie and I am a Junior (possibly senior…it’s a long story!)  at Grace (obviously!) and I’m majoring in International Languages (meaning I want to learn French, Spanish, and either Chinese or German.)  This is my first study abroad experience, but it will not be my last.  After I am done here in Paris, I will be moving to Madrid next semester, and after that moving to either Germany or China, and hopefully after that spending a semester in London in order that I can enjoy a semester abroad in my own language!  I’m actually not very good at learning or speaking languages, but I have a passion for missions and cultures that drives my insanity for learning 3 languages.  When I’m not studying, I love to ballroom dance and pretend that my life is a musical!  My favorite thing to do is laugh, and thanks to genetics, I cry every time (that is not an exageration!) that I laugh!  And since coming to France, my new favorite time of the day is brushing my teeth because my roommate Melody and I dance to the same French song!

Bretagne Chruch

The biggest thing that I have learned so far from being in France has been the fact that “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way!”  Nothing is simple in France.  For example, it took me a week to switch to the class I needed to be in (something that should take a day) meaning I missed 8 hours of class.  I really had to trust that God would work it out in His timing because if I did not get switched I would have waisted thousands of dollars on a semester that would not count towards my major.  Every day is a new adventure, sometimes difficult (like the fact that our electricity cut out, after we got back from the grocery store, so everything in the fridge went bad.) and sometimes it’s amazing (a friend came from 20 minutes outside of Paris at 11:30 last night to try and fix the problem, super nice!).

Well, until next time!

Jamie Sandy (France)

Word of the Post:  Lèche-vitrine.  This literally means to lick a window, but in fact it’s the word for window shopping!

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