Converted to Reimagine

Reimagine is a bad idea. Why would Grace even think about doing such a thing?  These were my thoughts from day one, ever since it was announced last Spring. Why couldn’t they just wait one more year til after I graduate? Who wants to take summer classes? Why graduate in 3 years when college is so much fun? And worst of all, why should I have to do this applied learning stuff? So I spent 6 months being bitter about how awful my senior year was going to be. Anytime Reimagine was brought up, I cursed the very idea of it. And then in August I began to look for prestigious internships for next summer to get myself a better job the following summer when I graduate. So I applied to over 20 different positions in companies ranging from JP Morgan Chase to Nike to the NFL.  So what happened? Every single one I applied to, I was accepted into, and they all said the same thing: my work experience and references are what set me apart. Through a practical experience class, the basis of the Reimagine program, I was able to work for an NBA affiliate in Fort Wayne. I was able to put that on my resume, as well as two references that I got to know through this internship who work for the NBA. And then it hit me. I was accepted by these companies because of the opportunity I had through practical experience from Grace. This Reimagine program will allow every student to go through what I did: an amazing internship opportunity based on a Grace connection that leads to God opening doors that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I know that without my internship in Fort Wayne, I would be scanning the want ads for a job next summer trying my best to hit minimum wage. And now? I have a multitude of positions to choose from. Now I’m a believer in Reimagine, I only wish it had started sooner so I had 3 years of opportunities.

-Aaron Pierce

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