Freshman Year

Well, freshman year is ending and let me tell you it is crazy to think about! It seems weird to think that a year ago I was graduating high school. God has taught me so much this year and so much has changed since last fall. First, God has been so good. College has been such a learning experience. I have grown in my faith, my friends, and learned a lot in my classes. I think the biggest thing that God has taught me is to trust in Him. We all know that college is expensive, but seeing how God provides the funds is amazing. It is all a matter of faith and trust. Often times people say that college is where you will meet the friends that you will be with forever, and honestly this is true. I have made some amazing friends this year, and we have some crazy times together and we never stop laughing! God has truly blessed me. It is weird to think that three years from now I will be graduating! Ok I actually I do not want to think about that…I love college and thats where I am staying right now 🙂 Piece of advice, do not wish away your year especially if you are in high school. Enjoy the last month or so, and then move onto college and see what God has for you there. Trust me, it will be truly amazing.

– Courtney Homoelle

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