Last night I had the privilege to hear former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy speak at an Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) banquet. I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear him speak and also to learn more about FCA and support such a great organization. Dungy spoke about being uncommon in a world that praises being popular and following the crowd. Obvoiusly, since Dungy is a former football coach, he directed the message to mainly athletes and coaches, but also made his message applicable to all followers of Christ.

According to Dungy there are two main ways to become uncommon in a sport. The first is by having an amazing God-given talent which no one can compete with. However, only about one percent of all athletes can become uncommon on talent alone. In order to be uncommon, the other ninty-nine percent stand out through their desire and attitude. Having a positive, determined attitude and a desire for excellence enables athletes to do things others cannot do and sets them apart.

After speaking about these two ways to become uncommon in a sport, Dungy explains that without Christ, it is impossible to be truly uncommon. In Matthew 7, the Lord talks about a broad gate and a narrow gate. The broad gate, although it is easy and is the popular way to go, leads to destruction. The small narrow path is the one which leads to life. Many people do not take this narrow path because it is hard and is not the way the crowd goes.

Dungy encouraged us to be aware of the example we are setting as Christians-to live differently/uncommon. Also, he warned us to be careful who we follow. So many people can lead us astray in our lives, but by following Christ we will always be on the right path and set apart.

After explaining about what an uncommon believer looks like, Dungy went into explaining how to become uncommon. The first way is to be a leader rather than just a follower. Lead others as you follow Christ doing the right thing rather than worrying about going along with the crowd. We need to be different, to be set apart for Christ.

After hearing Dungy speak, I was extremely encouraged to be uncommon-in everything I do. On the soccer field, in the classroom, and in everything else I do! Dungy ended his time perfectly by sharing Matthew 16:26: “What would it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?” BE UNCOMMON!

– Marissa Bo

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