Midterms, Munchies and Music

Today marks the third day of Midterm Madness, but I am proud to say that I took my last one this afternoon! Communication Ethics and Theories with Prof. Prinsen. A word to the wise: Study your brains out. And I did take my own advice. One of my favorite classes this semester, it’s very thorough and discussion-driven. Who knew there were labels for what may be commonplace in our routines? Symbolic interactionism: conversation; Counterattitudinal advocacy: lying (hopefully not so much of that); Social penetration: getting to know you (The King and I, anyone?); and the list goes on and will continue to grow until people cease to exist…

On a positive note, this week was well-prepared for, with Grace students bulking up at the annual Pizza Hut Night on Sunday. For the low, low price of $2, students can gorge themselves endlessly (or for two hours) on the American version of an Italian staple. This night was arranged through SAB (Student Activities Board). Let me tell you guys, they know what college students want, probably because they’re college students too. Fresh, delicious pizza and dessert!

If any of you reading this have heard of Ginny Owens, let it be known that she was here yesterday for Chapel. I was so thrilled to hear her live, since I listened to one of her cds, Without Condition, almost non-stop when I was growing up. Remembering the impact her songs have had on my life was amazing and made all the more real being able to actually tell her after Chapel. Probably one of my favorite Chapels all year. Her story is such an inspiration, and I highly recommend getting her music.

The weather has been amazing, which makes studying for midterms much more difficult, but it’s such a great lead-in to spring break! Most students will be leaving Friday, since there are no classes after noon. It couldn’t come at a better time, since we all need to enjoy the wonderful spring weather.

Which is your cue to go outside and play frisbee with your dog or pet of choice!

– Rachael Ramos

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