Living Authentically

What does it mean to live authentically? This week in chapel we were asked this very question. Our speaker was Jeff Bogue, a pastor of a Grace Brethren church in Akron, Ohio. Jeff spent three days challenging us to live our lives for Christ. He pointed out that many times we think those who do not know Christ are the ones who are fakes when in reality it is those who claim to follow Christ that are living as posers. Jeff pointed out that knowledge is not everything. To truly know Christ we must be willing to trust that He loves us in the midst of our inconsistencies and failures rather than trying to hide behind a mask of perfection, trying to be happy plastic people. Jeff encouraged us to move away from the mask of perfection and live a life that displays our hurt, our love, our pain, and our joy. So what now? As Christians, we must live an authentic life. We need to completely surrender our hearts and our lives to Christ, we must be consummed by Him. The song “Inside Out” captures this idea perfectly. “My heart and my soul, Lord I give You control, consume me from the inside out.”

– Courtney Homoelle

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