There was a recent chapel that I wanted to comment on. Last week was on the topic of “prayer”, and we had one of our adjunct professors, named Kondo Simfukwe, who spoke for two of the days. He is a student favorite, and had some challenging things to say! The one day I was there, his question to the audience was, “Is my prayer life faith-fueled?”
He used the Bible passage of Luke 18. This is where the two main characters are a desperate widow and a wicked judge. I encourage you to look it up sometime and read over these interesting verses! The main thought to the passage was, if this little old lady was able to get the corrupt judge to grant her the request she wanted, how much more would our loving God grant us what we need?!
He gave two principles out of his talk: 1st, God is a loving, generous Father; and 2nd, We are a desperate, needy people. The phrase that he kept saying was, “God’s crazy about me and loves to give me great things!” That was encouraging to hear, and really hit home for me!

PS- on a sidenote, that same day there was a song that we were singing for chapel, and it included this phrase: “Break my heart for what breaks Yours”. Wow, how powerful of a thought is that!

– John Franklin

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