Westy Masquerade

Last night was a major success in the lobby of Westminster dorm. Grace had its annual masquerade with fall themed games and activities as well as choreographed dancing! This year, SAB joined with Westminster in bringing a square dance to the outside terrace area of the dorm.
The Students came in an array of costumes such as the H1N1 virus, Yoda, the Sham-wow guy, Salt and Pepper, and two hillbillies who MC-ed the whole event. I was thoroughly impressed by the creativity of the costumes. Also, students participated in games by bowling with pumpkins, fishing for candy brains in jello, eating a doughnut from a string, and dropping chocolate covered marshmallows, which were very entertaining to watch. And while students were standing around socializing, they could grab a cup of hot cider and some cookies to satisfy their appetite.
My favorite part was the line-dancing that took place outside as well as inside. Students channeled their country roots as they listened to a square dance caller and gathered in circles to clap and do-si-do (I have no clue how to spell this). Such favorites as the “Cha-Cha Slide” and the “Cotton Eye Joe” made appearances in the lobby of Westminster too.
It truly was a night to remember as we celebrated the fall together!

– Brie Cremean

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