Missions Week

This past week on campus our focus has been missions. It has been an amazing and encouraging past couple of days 🙂 Anywhere from chapel, to growth groups, to lunch in Alpha there have been missionaries from all over the world flooding our school. We had the vice-president of World Vision come and speak to us during chapel and his message was revolutionary. Not only did he encourage us to get out of our comfort zones and spread the message, we had over 40 missionaries and mission groups that we could look into achieving this goal! It was so cool to hear their stories, two missionaries came to each individual growth groups and we got to know them and how they got to where they are today. Also our chaplain, Scott Feather, encouraged us as a family to help our Christian families around the world and raise 10,000 dollars for relief efforts in Cambodia. And do you know what? We raised over 11,000 dollars! How cool is that? We came together as a family and helped out our brothers and sisters in Christ who are hurting. That’s just how awesome our campus is! 🙂

– Jaimie

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