You Can Lead A Reader To A Blog…

This week has been absolutely insane trying to prepare for opening night of the cabaret. Luckily, I have discovered that if you sleep less at night, it’s like gaining hours in the day. Feel free to use that tidbit to enrich your life. If it ends up destroying it, don’t blame me. I can lead a reader to my blog, but I can’t make him copy my shennanigans.

The show is looking so amazing and I’m extremely proud to be able to call myself the director. I’m still nervous about everything coming together in such a short time, but I’m sure my gang of performers can pull it out. A gang of performers? Hmmmm…I like it. Instead of doing drive-bys and bustin’ caps, we’ll do dance-bys and sing for elderly people and orphans. Less tough, but more fun.

I best be off. I have a humor column to write, cabaret rehearsal to direct, and that pile of homework isn’t going to do itself. If it did, my life would be a lot easier; but it would be really weird and I would have to assume there were demons or fairies in my room. Wow. Maybe this “not sleeping to gain hours” thing is starting to catch up with me. Have a lovely day! Keep on truckin’!

– Christi “the” Mann

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