My Last First Day

I realized recently that this year I had my last first day of school. It was bittersweet in a way. This year I didn’t have my mom take my picture in front of the car, backpack on my shoulder, pants hiked up to my armpits, braces shining in the sun, with my thick pink glasses firmly in place. This year the picture was braces-free. 🙂

I’m finally back at Grace after spending an AMAZING semester in Chicago studying comedy with the famous, Second City. The experience helped me grow in so many ways and I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity. I essentially went to “Joke School” for a semester, however, that puts much more pressure on me to be a laugh a minute. For that reason, I will no longer blog in a humorous manner, so has not to disappoint with jokes that don’t work. It’s serious and sentimental from here on out.

Now, in my senior year at Grace College, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the memories made and lessons learned. The friends I’ve made here are so dear to me and I know that I will continue to foster these relationships for the rest of my life….ok…I can’t do this. This serious thing isn’t me. Let’s try this paragraph again.

I’m a senior!!!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!! I love my friends all the crazy things we’ve done such as, mattress sliding, painting Alpha rock, late night Taco Bell and Steak-N-Shake runs (not usually on the same night), theatre cast parties, that one time at Winona Lake at two in the morning….ummm…ok that’s enough of that for now.

I’m so excited about this year and can’t wait to see what this semester has to offer! Luckily for you, this is why God made blogging…so you can experience it with me. Have a lovely day! Keep on truckin’!

– Christi “the” Mann

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