A Holy Man and Holy Moments

Last Wednesday, as I was preparing to go to Cincinnati for the Grace Brethren national conference, one of our faculty stopped by to drop off some old admissions files and folders. This man has a reputation for being a man of prayer often interrupting conversations when an issue comes up to lift it up to the Lord. He greeted me with a smile and a handshake and explained about the contents of the box. Then he asked me how I was doing and I talked with him about my semi-busy schedule and how things were going for the fall.  Before leaving, he offered to pray with me and led us in prayer for my upcoming activities and the incoming students.

Despite his reputation, he caught me off-guard by praying with me, but it was just what I needed. Stopping and praying was a perfect reminder to me that all I do depends on God. I can work hard, email and call people constantly, and host great visit days and campus tours. But it’s the grace of God that anyone comes at all. God has to be working in people’s hearts first of all for them to consider going to school post-college. And I am very far from being an expert recruiter and admissions counselor, so any fruits of my labor are also the result of God’s grace. It took a holy man to remind me of this and I want to focus on this as I prepare for the fall.

That brief meeting was good preparation for my weekend as well. At the national conference, I was challenged and encouraged in my own personal walk and had the privilege of reconnecting with a lot of old friends. Friday night during the main adult meeting, the focus was on preparation for the next day’s FGBC service projects and the rest of the weekend. I wasn’t going to be directly involved, but again I felt the conviction of the Spirit about making an impact for the glorious Gospel of Christ in the world God’s put me in. Unsaved friends came to mind that I resolved to reach out to, along with upcoming opportunities to mentor and disciple others. I walked away appreciative to the Lord for leading me to get my mind right and prepare for what He might have ahead for me.

The past week has been filled with some holy moments and it was all foreshadowed by a random interruption by a holy man of God.

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